Monday, August 12, 2002

I taught my English students the word 'Blogger' today. It's not every day you learn a new word, so I thought I'd share it with them.

They guessed it was something violent - like to punch or fight. I said No, it's non-violent, in fact it's very nice. So they said, Is it like shag or hump? I don't know where students learn their English these days...

When I told them the root was 'weblog' they gradually cottoned on, though most knew 'to log on' but not what 'a log' was, except for one guy who'd watched Star Trek. (Captain's Log, stardate 20345.13...) Ahhhh, said the Japanese. Blogger. Then they tried to look it up in their electronic dictionaries to get the Japanese word. Silly sods. :)

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