Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Hard at work and not blogging much atm. I'm awaiting receipt of a gratis copy of PCZone, which should include my NWN portraits on the coverdisc! The mag's out for sale tomorrow, so if I haven't had it delivered by then, I'll at least have to flip thru in WHSmith.

Vanessa has (finally) given permission to release the NW pic based on her, so I must get round to uploading it. I wanted to do a male character to finish off Crosbie's Portrait Pack too, but as I'm so distracted, I think the V pic(s) wil have to complete my work as portrait designer... unless I'm tempted by a commission, and can find the time.

Once I've settled in at BHASVIC, university's going to kick in, and work on the production of Romeo and Juliet. There may be content from that on this site, but otherwise I'm gonna be busy busy busy...

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