Thursday, October 31, 2002

Time for an aside from all this R n J rubbish. To blather pointlessly at one o'clock in the bloody morning about very little.

It's half term, though you wouldn't know it, 'cos it's not half-term at university, only at college, and it's cetainly not half-term for the play. I've got 60 essays to mark this week and I haven't had a moment to look at 'em. Bugger.

Basically life is full. Got a great job. Studying European Theatre. Directing. Got a girlfriend (when I can see her). Bit tired, but good-tired, like after a hard day of rewarding work, rather than bad-tired when the days are a long, painful drag.

Got a Playstation 2 on impulse the other day. Hurrah! Don't have much time to play it, of course. But I'm well-enough paid that I feel I can get away with an absurd impulse buy like that (not too often though). This is what life is supposed to be like!

Let us celebrate being busy! Being creative! Filling your time up with shit-to-do! Not being bored! Being tired out! Not monging about in front of the telly! Let's hear it for student bars! Bacon sandwiches! Sunday afternoon rehearsals! Lazing around in bed with a friend counting down the time when it's stormy outside!

Let's hear it for splashing out! Being hung over! Working through your holiday! Planning the next thing even when you're knackered and stressed doing the current one! You bloody asked for it! So don't grizzle next time you're 'bored'!

Hurrah for lumping far too much on your plate! Finish it all up now. Or you won't get your pudding.


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