Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Top Web-based reading in 253. A friend of my girlfriend described this novel to me, and I bought and read it in a print version just recently... only to discover that it's free to read on the web.

Print or Net? You can't take the Net to bed and read it snuggled under the covers on a cold winter's night. A paperback won't bugger your eyes up. But the links change the way you read the novel, and its interconnectedness - the crisscrossing lives of 253 passengers on a tube train, and what happens to it - lends itself to hypertext.

When They come up with a rechargable, long-life, cheap, low-power, sturdy, light, paperback-sized, high-resolution, non-glare, optionally-backlit portable computer, maybe then print will be in danger. Be a while though. :)