Wednesday, March 24, 2004

THE PERFECT PLANET: Comics, Games and World-Building

Interesting article by comics writer Dylan Horrocks, who manages to combine Situationism, RPGs, videogames and James Kochalka into a theory of aesthetics. :)

big blue box forums - The Answers: Release Date!

This is fantastic. :)

I'm teaching a class on semiotics (the study of signs and meaning) at college at the moment and I might just send my students to this thread.

It's not a such. And it's certainly not the release date for Fable. (As Pacifist Pig, a contributor, points out.)

But people are what Daniel Dennett calls 'informavores' - they are hungry for meaning, and will seek it out everywhere. They see the world as a sign, and all things carrying meaning.

Hence the amazing display of inventivenes and fun in this thread!

Now, surely there's so many connections that it can't possibly be true that we've all made it up...

...but it is. (PP again)

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

FreeMobile4U 2

Update on the FreeMobile4U scam... I've received my 'signal boosters', a pair at £20 inc delivery so, what, £8 or £9 each. Am unable to confirm as yet whether they work very well or not, but my reception is normally shit so we'll soon know.

The 'free gift list' is creeping up at a rate of maybe three a day... a little elementary maths (which I should have done in the first place) tells me that at 60th place in the list or so (it didn't look that many) and 30 sales to advance the list one place, it'll only take about two years for me to get my iPod... by which time the list will be over 2000 names long. :D

I think if you get in earlier you might do alright out of the scheme; but contrary to my initial assumption, there is an end to people's stupidity, and I think it'll be reached before I ever get my iPod. :)

Monday, March 08, 2004

1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall

Just in case you thought it wasn't possible... 1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall.


How can it be possible for a teacher to be this poor? How can I have been working for six months and still be skint? How can the Housing Benefits agency think I owe them over £350? How can I only have £30 in my account a week after getting paid? How come the pay scale I'm on now is 5K a year less than it was last year?

How does all this shit happen? I'm not being lazy. I'm not a street sweeper. I didn't drop out of school. I quit smoking. I don't do drugs. I don't live in a high rise condo in central London. How can life be so expensive? How come it's so hard to keep up? How come the average wage in this country is too little to afford the average mortgage?

Something's got to give.

I'm only worried it might be me one of these days.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


OK, so this is almost certainly a scam, but perhaps it's a scam that'll pay off. I'll certainly post and let you know.

At FreeMobile4U you can sign up to a list for the grand sum of £20, which, when you reach the top of it, will earn you a free gift - in my case a 40gig Ipod.

I'm very unusually gambling that £20 that this is a working scam... if you gamble with me, quote my ref number 4140. :) This info is being sold for lots of cash at Ebay - don't on any account pay for it. ;)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Away in a Play

It all goes quiet here at the Blabin (oo I like that coinage) when I'm in a show... Boom Boom Boom had a coupla nights in Brighton and London, and I'll bung pics up if I get any - maybe even a video clip...