Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Being a games geek, I tend to follow the development and release of certain titles via their forums service. Amongst the two or three I'm keeping an eye on at the moment - in the name of Media and Cultural Studies as much as geekery, of course (*ahem*) - is the new Tomb Raider game at Eidos Forums - Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness.

Lara, it seems, is in a certain amount of trouble. The game has been released to poor reviews and reports of bugginess in the US, and with UK ane European gamers - including myself - clamouring for its release, a firm date is yet to be announced by Eidos.

They're planning a trilogy of next-generation games for Lara, and, having been a fan of the series since the original, I've been looking forward to ths immensely. But there's a lot of anger amongst the fanboys against Eidos, for a) being so tardy in releasing the game, and b) allowing it to end up in such an unpolished form.

In the UK we face a dilemma - part wishing for the game to be released ASAP so we can get out eager mitts on it, but now partly hoping they'll hold it back to clean up the problems it seems to be hitting in the States.

Check the link above for more fanboy ranting...

Thursday, June 19, 2003

I was alarmed to find an apparent disappearance of this page... or at least a slowdown... related perhaps to Lycos' new Ads policy?

I only wish they could trust us to incorporate the ads into the body of our sites. The text-only blog-related ads are an improvement, but the frame does naff up the look of the site. I'd be happy to build in a text-based ads bar. Maybe you can change the colours and so on... I'll check it out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Phew, little posted for a long while. As always, this has been due to my involvement in theatrical endeavours, playing Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger.

Today, been working on somewhat stereotyped pictures of figures to represent academic theories, for the A2 level Comms course. Check 'em out:
The Feminist
The Postmodernist
The Marxist
The Postcolonial