Friday, July 20, 2007


The advent of Facebook and my perhaps inevitable roping into it has encouraged me to return to this blog for the first time in over a year, if only to add a link to my Facebook profile.

Simple as Blogger is - and I now see that its integration with Google has aided this still further - it relies on you being self-motivated to keep updating. Once you lose that impetus, there's no-one kicking you to keep it up.

Whereas Facebookers can poke you.

With constant updates on what other people are doing, you feel there's a sense of energy and continuity that's missing from a blog (unless you have a good commenting system in place and a large, responsive community responding to you).

I had linked from Facebook to this page - until I looked at it again and realised how lame it was. :) You neve know, perhaps it will prompt me to restart my blog cabin posts after all...