Friday, February 14, 2003

I was most surprised, and even a little delighted, when a student of mine brought to a Media lesson a CD from a band I was in for about three weeks in the latter half of my time at university.

Purple Phat Fish, now simply Phatfish, were a jazz/funk band at the time when Jamiroquai were big. The then drummer, who lived next door, heard me and my pal playing bass and guitar and yelled up at the window that his band needed a bassist. I soon discovered that the entire band were committed Christians, and being as I was about as secular as they come, we parted ways after a bit of jamming.

What really surprised me was the mention of my name as an 'additional musician' in one of their albums ("Purple Through the Fishtank")! I'm guessing I must have contributed a bassline or idea in those few weeks, though the album was recorded much later. They've become a seriously Christian band now, and the drummer I knew has also moved on. Their website is very nicely done... check it out. :) [It requires Flash.]

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