Thursday, April 03, 2003

Aha! Blogger is up and working again (at least so far).

I still occasionally get people asking about the Neverwinter Portraits. It's nice to still get this feedback, and to feel that this site is useful for something.

I guess the key to a successful website is not glamour and groovy design, but simply to offer something people want, and offer it for free. If it's good, it'll generate its own linking and publicity... after a little nudge or two by the webmeister.

The content of the Blog Cabin isn't exactly a selling point... if I wanted to make this 'work', I'd have to give it a theme, give it content.

But it's a personal homepage... and the point of it is a space for me to blather about this and that. It's an addendum to the other stuff I do. If someone ends up in here, they get to see a few things I'm up to, have a little look inside my head, maybe find a link or two to something they might otherwise not have found.

Hey, that's a blog for you.

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