Tuesday, March 09, 2004

FreeMobile4U 2

Update on the FreeMobile4U scam... I've received my 'signal boosters', a pair at £20 inc delivery so, what, £8 or £9 each. Am unable to confirm as yet whether they work very well or not, but my reception is normally shit so we'll soon know.

The 'free gift list' is creeping up at a rate of maybe three a day... a little elementary maths (which I should have done in the first place) tells me that at 60th place in the list or so (it didn't look that many) and 30 sales to advance the list one place, it'll only take about two years for me to get my iPod... by which time the list will be over 2000 names long. :D

I think if you get in earlier you might do alright out of the scheme; but contrary to my initial assumption, there is an end to people's stupidity, and I think it'll be reached before I ever get my iPod. :)

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