Thursday, April 15, 2004

FreeMobile4U update

I had an email from Mark at FreeMobile4U, after he had read my blog:

With reference to the points you made on the website. I joined this website like you, wondering whether it was a scam or not. Now I own it. I am trying my best to breath life into it, as I must admit that sales was going slow.

I have reduced the trigger levels on some phone as I thought the previous owner was a bit greedy. Therefore reducing the profits. I will be doing offers and advertising where I can to get people to join the site.

The more people join, the quicker you get your free gift. And I can 100% say that people will.

You're able to move freely from list to list now too. This sounds more promising, though I'm still cheerfully skeptical... I'll keep you updated, of course, and remember, my ref is 4140. :)

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