Friday, August 16, 2002

..And Blogger's back up again. Don't we lose our temper when things don't go our way.

If anyone's here looking for new NWN portraits, sorry for the hiatus, but as you can see I've been dead busy this last week, and portraiture has fallen by the wayside. I'm looking forward to having my evenings back again, and some of them will doubtless be spent knocking out another portrait or two. :)

BTW, it's be nice to get a comment from anyone passing through... I have no idea whether this page is being viewed at all, since Lycos' stats are down at present. Even a 'hello world' would be interesting...

How much is a blog just a space for personal records? How much a public forum or soapbox? Depends, I suppose, if you have 'a public' or not.

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