Wednesday, August 28, 2002

O. M. G. It's Wednesday the 28th of August. I've got my induction day at BHASVIC tomorrow. So much for my 'holiday'. It was only two extra days, if you take into account bank holiday Monday. Right. Re-adjust. Get my head round new job. Gear up for uni. Gear up for R & J. I so should've taken another week off.

I wasn't even thinking about it - I figured I've got a long weekend, on my current timetable I don't work Mondays. But there it is. First day tomorrow. There's paperwork and reading to do. And I've got to conceptualise the whole thing. Do a mode shift. Again. I can't just do it at the weekend, because I'm thinking about it now, and if I think about something I haven't conceptualised, I can't - hey! - get my head around it.

What's the point of this post? To let off steam. Nobody's reading anyway. :)

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